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Ian, 22, southern california, vegetarian, professional fuck up; This is a blog of:
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fuck it up

Joey Ramone in Japan, 1980.


It’s sad to think there’s so many people that rather care about their money than their earth. There’s only one earth. Take care of the land, someday you will be apart of it too.

How to combat Online Surveillance

The story that came with this is so weird.
"Firas Press reports that Arab social media is buzzing about a baby born in Tel Aviv with one eye and no nose, who must be the Islamic “Dajjal” (equivalent to the Christian Antichrist.) Muslim “experts” are explaining how this baby fits into Koranic prophecy, and how when he is 40 years old he will lead an army of 70,000 Jews and 70,000 Tatars and ignorant people will follow him and crown him King of Kings."
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